In addition to removing the footer or attribution, especially the Power by Blogger posts on BlogSpot, we can also make modifications without having to remove anything. It is enough to add a few words in the attribution row. There are many reasons why people are reluctant to remove the attribution. Whatever the reason, it’s all a choice. One option that can be used is to add words in the attribution row.

How to add words in the attribution row according to your wishes is very easy, the method is as follows:

First of all, the first login to your BlogSpot account, then select Layout. In the layout section move your cursor to the very bottom and look at the Attribution section. Click Edit.

With the above method, you can also add a link to attribution.

How to Add a Link in the Footer or Blog Attribution

The method is almost the same as the first method above. It’s just that in the popup view, we insert a small HTML command in the field. If you want to write Molalito’s words ~ Copyright © 2014 Tutorial Blog with a link on the Tutorial Blog, the script is as follows:

Molalito ~ Copyright © 2019 <a href=””>Tutorial Blog</a>

Explanation :

Molalito ~ Copyright © 2019 : Please change it as you wish

href=” : Change the URL you want to go to on your blog.

Blog Tutorial: Replace with your own words.

Easy isn’t it? It’s just that the method above has drawbacks. Because only one link can be displayed. We can’t do any other additions, because the attribution widget limits the words that are loaded. Therefore it is necessary to do it another way, and we will discuss it in another article.