WordPress is a cm or content management system that is very user-friendly and very easy to use, and in my opinion, many bloggers use WordPress because it is very easy to use. Besides that, many plugins or applications are provided and easy to install into WordPress.

In my post this time, how to add a website link in a WordPress footer, what is a footer link in WordPress, here are some screenshots of a website that uses a footer link.

cara menambahkan link website di footer wordpress

Example on the Google Analytics website

To add the footer link in wordpress, here are the steps:

  1. Login to your wordpress account: www.namadomainblog.com/wp-admin
  2. Enter Username and Password
  3. Click the Dashboard menu in wordpress > click the Appearance menu > Editor and it will look like the image below:
  1. In the right column, there are .php pages according to your WordPress template. an example of a WordPress template that I use is colormag.
  2. Then select Theme footer (footer.php) double click (2) times and the Phz source code will appear
  3. For examples such as google analytics images like the image above: you look for the code below in page footer.php

</div><!– #page –>

</div><!– #page –> <?php wp_footer(); ?>

  1. Then you put the source code of the link to the page or website that you are showing, an example of a link that I made

<center> <a href=”https://jejakdosen.com/disclaimer/”>Disclaimer | </a><a href=”https://jejakdosen.com/privacy-policy/”>Privacy policy | </a><a href=”https://jejakdosen.com/terms-of-service/”>Term Of Service | </a><a href=”https://jejakdosen.com/contact/”>Contact admin </a> </center>

  1. Put the code you want to put on the web, under the code in point 6.
  2. Then click the update file button.
  3. 10. We recommend that before you change the existing codes on your blog, you should backup first.
  4. Actually, you can try the code you posted elsewhere

Thus my short article on how to add a website link in the WordPress footer, hopefully it will be useful for readers.

Source: https://jejakdosen.com/cara-menambahkan-link-website-di-footer-wordpress/