To make it easier for us so we don’t forget to link our friends, one of them is to create a link. We can place the link later on the sidebar or a special page. Here I will discuss a little about how to create a link and put it on the sidebar. I made this post to answer questions from my blogger friend, Hanip. He wants to put a link on the sidebar (blogroll). Login On “link” > “add link“

after that continue to fill in the following table :

“Namae” with the name of the link you want

“Web address” with the address of the link to be added

“Description” Fill in the description you want. Later it will appear when the cursor is placed on the name of the link like this picture

The example description writing is the writing that I entered in the description and you can change it according to your wishes.

“Categories” fill in the category you have created through “link categories” or if not please click on writing “add new category” see picture below

“Target” This determines the opening of the link later

  1. _blank = opens in your browser tab/window, usually opens in a new tab in your browser
  2. _top = opens when you are opening a blog page, if it is in a window, when you click it will appear in that window. when it’s on a tab it appears on that tab too
  3. _none = open in the same window

after everything is done just click “save link”

After finishing adding the link, now we want to add it to our sidebar, how do we open it “appearance” > “widgets“.

After that drag and drop “link“on the sidebar widget that we have, click save before saving you can choose which links will be displayed according to your link category.