Have you ever seen a banner header ad (468×60) to be precise next to the name of a web blog, site, or website? Maybe a 300×250 ad for the sidebar or on the side of the blog? Previously I also posted the same tutorial like this. Please read here. The problem is if the image is simply attached through a feature or service in the layout, of course, the size is not full. The maximum size is only 266 pixels (266px), while the current blog display is 300 pixels for the sidebar only. But that can be tricked according to our wishes, such as how wide the image size is (height and width) and we can enter a URL link in the image, meaning that when the image is clicked it will go to a specific page.

How to Install Image in Blog Sidebar with URL Link

First of all, prepare the image that will be attached later.

  1. Create and edit your images in JPEG
  2. If you have compressed so that the file size is reduced, the goal is that the web blog is not heavy when accessed (loading)
  3. Upload to Picasa Web Google

Up here when it’s uploaded, open the image. Press right mouse click, select “open image in new tab”. Copy the URL link of the image, save it in Notepad.

Next, we will do a tutorial on creating and attaching images in the sidebar of an actual blog. Follow it well.

  1. Blogger > Layout
  2. Add a Gadget > HTML/JavaScript
  3. Copy the code below:

<a href=’DESTINATION URL LINK’><img style=”width: 300px; height: auto” src=”IMAGE URL LINK”/></a>

  1. Paste (paste) the code in the HTML column earlier
  2. Save, DONE – OK!

“DESTINATION URL LINK” I mean it is a link that will lead us to an internet page that we set ourselves. It could be our Facebook profile address, online shop site, or other pages. For the installation of “IMAGE URL LINK” then just paste (paste) the URL link that we got and we saved earlier in Notepad just now. For the “width” we can adjust the size of our sidebar, at least 300px is generally a template. For “height” or the height itself is left automatically, or has its size? Please enter only the height of the image. Ok, hopefully useful.

Source: https://tipsseokiller.blogspot.com/2017/08/cara-pasang-gambar-sidebar-link-url.html