Almost all free WordPress themes (WP themes) are always equipped with a footer link containing a credit link for the designer and I think this is a necessity because every designer must be appreciated for their work and they have the right to do that in every wp theme they have made. It’s just that most of the free wp themes are also added with an encrypted footer link (encrypted footer link) and usually contain several links from sponsors. Encrypted footer link is what often has the potential to be a problem for users of the theme later. What is the problem? Before discussing the details of the problems that can arise from using a WordPress theme with this encrypted footer link, I think it is necessary to explain a little about the background to the idea of ​​​​a footer sponsor link in a free WordPress theme. Everything cannot be separated from the development of the link-building business and blog advertising today. The WordPress template designers seem to be competing to create a wp theme design with various choices so that it attracts the interest of bloggers to use their theme. In turn, you will see the WordPress theme that is most widely used by bloggers and this creates new business opportunities to peddle links in the existing theme. How to? If a designer feels confident that his theme is good and will get a lot of bloggers as users, then he can just sell space for sponsored links in the footer of the wp theme (footer.php) he made, and to make the sponsors tempted by the offer, then wp theme designer encrypts the footer link code so that it is not (easily) deleted by user bloggers. This is known as an encrypted sponsored footer link. Maybe friends often find things like this when using a free wp theme.

If you use a theme with footer links like this and your blog contains things that are not relevant to those links, then problems will potentially occur. Links that are not relevant (irrelevant links) with blog content, especially links related to sites prohibited by Google such as casino, adult, pharma, and so on can result in our blog getting a warning (red flag) or even being banned from the database. search engine. It can also be seen by search engines as a practice of buying and selling links, something that is strictly prohibited by most (big) search engines, such as Google, yahoo, and bing. About buying and selling links, please read Google’s rules here. So, how to avoid this potential problem while most bloggers use a free WordPress theme which of course has an encrypted sponsored footer link? I made this post as an answer to this question. I will share how to remove the encrypted link footer in the free wp theme. It must be understood that this tutorial does not intend to remove the copyright of the designers on sponsored links in their themes. This post also does not intend to cultivate the behavior of not respecting the work of wp theme designers, but rather an effort to save bloggers’ blogs. I suggest to bloggers to keep posting a credit link to (only) the theme designer they are using. On the other hand, this article can also serve as a moral appeal to WordPress theme designers to be wiser in including sponsored links in their theme footer; if you create a theme related to health, you should only install sponsored links from health sites as well. This will be much more beneficial for all parties.

How to Remove and Edit Footer Link Credits in WP Themes

The steps that must be taken to remove the sponsored link in the footer of your free WordPress theme are as follows: Log in to your WordPress blog dashboard, then enter the APPEARANCE menu and click editor. Please click the Footer file (footer.php), it will display the encrypted PHP code (encrypted).

Next, open the Main Index Template file (index.php), then look for the PHP code for the footer. Usually, the footer code is located at the very bottom. The footer code is as below:

<?php get_footer(); ?>

Well, if you have found the PHP code for the footer in the index.php file, then you need to enter a little code to mark this footer code. Please add the code below just above the footer code earlier:


and add this code just below the footer code, then click Update File (save):


Well, the next step is to open a new browser and see how your blog’s homepage looks after fiddling with the theme code. This time you have to see the blog source by clicking VIEW then PAGE SOURCE (if you use Firefox and indeed as a blogger it is highly recommended!). Can also directly with Ctrl+U. 

Next, the code as I highlighted in blue above is what you have to COPY and then PASTE into the Footer file (footer.php) in your theme editor. Previously, delete all the code in the Footer (footer.php) before entering the code from the page source earlier.

After that, start editing the sponsored links that appear in the Footer file (footer.php) that you just got from the page source as I showed above.

I suggest keeping the link to the designer theme you are using and just removing the sponsored links that are not relevant. Don’t forget to click the Update File button after you’ve edited everything. Finished.