Quality backlinks are needed to increase the PageRank of a blog or website. Using quality contextual backlink services is one way to get quality backlinks. Optimization of off-page blogs in search engines, especially Google, in practice is closely related to backlinks.

Understanding and Benefits of Backlinks for Blogs

A backlink is a website address or URL that is written on another website to direct it to the website in question. Backlink inclusion can be done dofollow and nofollow. Dofollow is better known as an active link that can be clicked to enter the page of a website or blog. While nofollow is the URL or blog address that is listed but cannot be clicked. There is another term for PBN backlinks that you need to know for those of you who are interested in learning how to optimize SEO. Backlinks are website links on other websites, while PBN is a collection of websites that are used to include these backlinks.

Some of the benefits of using quality contextual backlink services such as PBN backlinks are as follows.

Get more traffic or visitors

The more your links are listed on other websites, of course the opportunity to get more views will be because someone clicks on the backlink.

Improve website position in search engines

Many use this backlink technique so that the website’s position in search engines can be better or even on the first page. Blogs that successfully appear on the first page of Google or search engines also have more opportunities for visitors to come to your blog. Website owners are indeed required to increase blog traffic based on search engines like Google. The mass backlink model has been abandoned because it is vulnerable to being detected as spamming which can reduce blog rankings in search engines. Now most webmasters have switched from mass backlink techniques to manual backlink models with quality backlinks.

Quality Backlink Criteria

Not many know what kind of quality backlinks Google is referring to and how to get them. Especially for ordinary people or beginners who are new to the world of SEO. Some of the following quality backlink criteria can be a reference for those of you who want to increase your blog’s ranking in search engines.

Using relevant websites

Quality contextual backlink services need to use relevant websites for backlinks. Links listed on a website and relevant to the content or blog content will look more natural to search engines. Backlinks on relevant websites will be good because they do not interfere with visitors. Blog visitors are often annoyed because the links are original and do not connect with the topic or article being read. Backlinks with relevant content may also get clicks so that they can become additional traffic.

Contextual Link

Contextual links are backlinks that are included in the content or blog articles. This type of black is of high quality because it is usually relevant to the theme or content of the article. It is these relevant backlinks that search engines like.

High PR (DA and PA)

A high PageRank is given by Google only for websites with high authority or trust. Backlinks from domains with high PageRank will also be good compared to backlinks in domains with low PageRank. However, since 2012 PageRank is no longer updated. The quality of the domain also switched to being determined based on the DA and PA criteria. Quality contextual backlink services with high domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA) will be good for improving domain quality. DA and PA are used in the Moz algorithm to measure the authority of a website. The higher the authority of the blog, the better the quality of the domain.

Old website

Most websites with high authority are old websites. These old websites are usually indexed faster by search engines. Getting backlinks from old domains is safer than backlinks from new domains. Quality contextual backlink services using aged websites are also more stable in search engine indexes. Aged websites are also often used for PBN or personal blog networks that are used for backlinks. However, to choose the PBN, it is necessary to ensure that the website on the network is never used for spamming.

Websites with high traffic

Websites with a lot of traffic or visitors have a greater chance for a backlink to be clicked. That is the reason why quality backlinks need to use websites with high traffic.

Low outbound links

Quality contextual backlink services need to use good management for link settings listed as backlinks. Too many or too often a website gets backlinks with outbound links that are vulnerable to being considered as spam pages. In addition, backlinks with high outbound links can also reduce the effectiveness of the backlink in question.

Unique website

Good backlinks are from backlinks that use unique websites or websites with different IPs. Getting this kind of backlink, such as from Sponduu’s quality contextual backlink services, will affect your website’s ranking on search engines. Backlinks from different IPs will be seen by search engines as manual backlinks, not the result of manipulation.

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