SEO techniques are always changing, because Google is always updating its algorithms too, but there are some quality techniques that are still safe to use today, as long as you use them carefully and don’t spam. Then, what is this technique? Please continue reading below.

Techniques That Will Never Go Out

This one SEO technique is called contextual backlinks and this technique, of course, will never go out, because the method it uses is really of high quality and is recommended. However, you have to avoid the footprint or if Googlebot knows about it, it might not be the glory that your website or blog will get, but the destruction that will be obtained.

At a Glance

Contextual backlinks are backlinks that are planted in the post and there are articles in them, of course, the number of words for each article must be sufficient until finally this technique can be called the correct contextual. If the article has too few words, then it can arouse suspicion from Googlebot, especially with the latest update in May 2014 namely Google Panda 4.0 which has destroyed many dreams of webmasters. Back to the contextual technique, you will embed backlinks in the article, these backlinks can be placed at the beginning, middle, or end of the article, and as much as possible do not put backlinks on the homepage.


The advantage of this style is that backlinks will not look SPAM, because if other people are interested in your article, or quote your article, naturally they will also link back to the article, also known as credit. Well, the difference is natural, while if you do it yourself, you are doing off-page SEO techniques, and this method is known to the masters as contextual backlinks.

This method itself will indeed require more energy and thought because you have to create articles related to websites or blogs or URLs that you want to give backlinks to. And, if the article is not good, or uses software called a spinner, then it could be that the backlinks are not increasing the SEO performance of the URL, but instead causing it to be penalized by Google.

Penalties from Google for Known Use of Contextual Backlinks

I have previously explained to you to avoid footprints, and indeed if Google finds out that the backlinks created are homemade and not natural, you can get penalized by Google, which of course has an impact on the search results of your website or blog on search engines. Some types of punishment are de-index and sandbox. Both are unpleasant experiences, and many bloggers become desperate after experiencing this.


Is the term for the search results of your blog on the Google search engine to be empty, so Google de-index all your urls from their search engine.


Is a term for punishment from Google for contextual backlinks whose footprint is clear so that Google can find out. Sandbox will make your keywords do not appear on search engines, or down to thousands of pages, or even not appear at all. Of course, this will have a negative impact on the number of visitors to your website or blog. Because, when people are looking for something, they usually only see page – 1 and page – 2 of the Google search engine.

So much information about SEO with efficacious contextual backlinks, hopefully, it’s useful.