A simple way to change the BlogSpot footer link. Why is it simple, because the sophisticated method has been widely discussed by experts? Or maybe the main reason is that I don’t know and haven’t found out.

Even so, this method can be applied by those who like practical ways and are a bit lazy to deal with HTML, as I mean, hehe. Since I’m feeling Melo, I want to share a little about the history of Mari Ngenet. Why do I write Blogspot tutorial articles that have been widely discussed by experts which of course I also learn from them? Honestly, I’m not an expert, it can be seen from the appearance of this blog which is very simple and Alexa is fat. So, who am I to write a tutorial? Hiks, so I want to stop writing.

But it reminds me that the main reason I write is to remind myself and share with others. I write down what I’ve practiced so I can look back at it in case I forget. And by writing I’m saying, I’ve tried this one please follow if you want. So I hope this article is useful.

Back to topic.

Footer blogger usually depend on the template used. My blog has an original footer

Simple templates. Powered by Blogger.

To change it follow these simple steps:

  • Login to blogger dashboard
  • Choose Layout
  • At the bottom, namely Attribution, click Edit
Cara Sederhana Mengganti Footer Link Blogspot
  • Enter the desired words, for example

Copyright ©2012 Mari Ngenet | Blogspot Tutorial

  • Click save. Then the footer will be:

Copyright ©2012 Mari Ngenet | Blogspot Tutorial. Simple template. Powered by Blogger.

Blogspot tutorial turned into a link? To change it to a link, slightly add the following code to

Copyright ©2012 <a href=”http://maringenet.blogspot.com/”>Mari Ngenet | Blogspot Tutorial</a>

Cara Sederhana Mengganti Footer Link Blogspot
  • Replace the red one with your link
  • Replace the blue one as you wish
  • Save.

The result will be like this:

Copyright ©2012 Mari Ngenet | Blogspot Tutorial. Simple template. Powered by Blogger.

Source: https://www.maringenet.com/2012/08/cara-mudah-mengganti-footer-link-blogspot.html