What is a blog sidebar?

The Blog Sidebar is part of the layout of a blog. A sidebar is a blog column that is on the left, top, bottom, and right of article posts. We certainly see a lot of web and blogs with various widgets on the left and right of posts, or above and below article posts. That is the sidebar.

What are the benefits of a blog sidebar?

The blog sidebar has many benefits for blogs, including::

1. Beautify the blog

Sidebar can also beautify and beautify the appearance of the blog page. We can fill it with various widgets. Blogs that only post articles will look less impressive or even bad. However, the presence of a sidebar makes the blog varied and looks beautiful. For example, by displaying slide show pictures, funny pictures, videos, and so on.

2. Provide information about the blog

The sidebar is also used to provide some information related to the blog to the visitors. For example information at a glance about blogs, information about the most popular articles, information about article archives, the most recent articles and others.

3. Provide information about blog users

Most bloggers also provide a glimpse of themselves through the blog’s sidebar. Usually in the sidebar column “about me” or “my profile”.

4. Provide information about the number of visitors

One of the uses of the sidebar is to display the number of visitors. By displaying the number of visitors, this will make people think that the blog is very crowded with visitors.

5. Social media places

We can also display a Facebook page in the sidebar and provide information to visitors about our Facebook page members.

6. Place ads

Among some bloggers place ads on the sidebar of the blog. This is because the sidebar is a strategic place to display ads and get a lot of ad clicks from visitors. And so forth.

What should we display on the blog sidebar?

The blog sidebar design can be anything you want, but it would be better and more useful if we use a sidebar with something that can meet the needs of visitors. For example, we use the sidebar by providing blog-related information such as popular posts, archive posts, latest posts, and others, it will be useful for visitors. But if we use the sidebar with things that are less useful and do not meet the needs of visitors such as lots of ads, lots of decorations, videos, and personal photos, then it will give a bad image on the blog even though our blog looks beautiful with various decorations. So use the sidebar with things that can meet the wishes of the visitors. If we can prioritize the needs of visitors rather than our own needs, it will certainly bring good things to the improvement of our blog. The more happy visitors are with the content of the blog, the more visitors will come. Don’t let them down with a penny from ads or a less-than-attractive sidebar. Remember, visitors come and read our articles to get a solution to a problem. One of the other useful things is inviting visitors to subscribe to the blog via email and social networks. The sidebar is the perfect place to invite people to connect with us through several social networks. Show links that can lead and connect on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, and so on. In other words, the blog sidebar is an effective way to promote content through various social networks.

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